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PaperStone® Countertops

Cabinets & Countertops

  • A solid-surface countertop material for a wide range of applications
  • Easy to clean and maintain, stain and scratch resistant
  • Heat-proof up to 350 degrees
  • Made from recycled paper and petroleum-free resin
  • Fabricates easily using woodworking tools. Drain boards, sinks and trivets can be worked into surface of the countertop
  • Available in 3/4 inch, 1 inch, and 1 1/4 inch thick slabs - or in 1/2 inch slabs with a built-up edge

PaperStone is an attractive countertop material that is produced in a socially responsible manner and is known for its toughness. It has steel-like strength in span, stone-like beauty and it can be worked like fine hardwoods. Made from FSC Certified recycled paper and a water-based resin, these countertop slabs are a sustainable alternative to quarried materials.

PaperStone countertops have a neutral look with a warm and natural feel that many compare to soapstone. PaperStone uses a 100% water-based phenolic resin that acts as a binding agent for the paper in the product. PaperStone becomes a composite product when specially-produced sheets of recycled paper are saturated with PetroFree™ resins and pigment, then compressed under heat and pressure. This ‘cross-links’ the resin polymer in all three dimensions producing a dense, homogeneous and essentially non-porous composite product that does not delaminate. When finished, PaperStone has no detectable formaldehyde.

Special features can be incorporated into these countertops. For example, a drain board can be routed into the countertop next to an under-mount sink, eliminating the need for a separate drain pan. Stainless steel rods can be inserted into the countertop near the stove, creating a built-in trivet.

  • Petroleum-free resin
  • PaperStone qualifies for up to five LEED points

FSC recycled
Rainforest Alliance Certified
Certified Food-Safe by NSF

People who enjoy these countertops relish the beauty of products that show the worn patina of age. This means that over time and with use, the countertops will develop a seasoned appearance that is characteristic of the way the material is used. Overall it will appear softer and deeper in tone, with more luster in the areas of heavier use.

These countertops are quite stain-resistant, and they withstand many harsh chemicals so well that they are often used in laboratories. But the materials are not stain-proof. If discoloration does appear, try repeated applications of standing water and vinegar for approximately 15 minutes. With stubborn stains, try a non-abrasive low-alkaline household cleaner and a soft bristle brush for better results. A green pot-scrubbing pad can also be used.

These countertops are heat-resistant to 350 degrees F, a higher rating than many countertops. The material does not need any special protection near stoves. Although a pot of boiling water does not present a problem, it's always wise to use a trivet or a hot pad between the countertop and hot cookware.

Can be sold in WA, OR, CA, IL, NY, NJ, ID, AZ, AR, KY, LA, MT, TX, UT, and VA; cannot be shipped nation-wide.

PaperStone® Countertops

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