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QuietPutty: Moldable Sound Damping Putty


QuietPutty has been specifically designed to maintain the performance of acoustically rated walls by sealing off penetrations such as electrical outlet boxes and switches, HVAC ducts, phone boxes, water hookups and cables. QuietPutty is an easy-to-use moldable putty; no special skills or tools are required. It is non-toxic, chemically inert, and contains no hazardous materials. Will not dry out or shrink. Asbestos free; no odor. Provides a draft and cold smoke seal.

Box of 10 7" x 7" sheets.

Manufacturer Information »

  • Reduced noise is healthy
  • Asbestos-free
  • Odorless
QuietPutty is a moldable putty, so no tools are required for application. To ensure adequate adhesion, all surfaces shall be clean and free of dust, grease, oil, loose materials, rust or other substances. Adhere the putty manually to back of outlet box or target area and mold to fit. DownloadQuietPutty Application notes (PDF, 134 kb).
STC-rated: 47-63 (ASTM E90)SIZE: Box of ten 7" x 7" x 1/8" sheets. Weight: 6 oz/pad. Density: 1oz/in3

DATA SHEET: Download at right.

LAB TESTS: Download QuietPutty fire test report.View manufacturer's links to independent reports for fire and acoustic testing.

QuietPutty: Moldable Sound Damping Putty

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