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Soda Stream Genesis Starter Kit


Call it seltzer, seltzer water, sparkling water, soda water or club soda. Whatever you call it, you're sure to love how making it at home will save money. SodaStream soda / seltzer makers are simple, sleek and easy to use. The Genesis turns tap water into sparkling water in seconds. No need for batteries or electricity. Unlike old fashioned soda siphons, you can make seltzer as fizzy as you like it with a SodaStream home soda / seltzer maker.

Flavors run from the traditional, like Cream Soda, and Cola - to the FUN with flavors like Green Tea Citrus and Blackcurrant Pear.
The Genesis Home Soda Maker includes:

  • 1 60 liter Carbonator
  • 2 Carbonating Bottles
  • Sodamix Variety 12 pack

Please note, the Sodastream Genesis Kit has a flat rate delivery charge of $34.99 (shipped directly from vendor).

    Soda Stream Genesis Starter Kit

    Colors shown will vary based on screen settings and should not be taken as exact representations of actual product.

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