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PC TrickleStrip™ Energy-Saving Surge Protector


The PC TrickleStrip™ provides high quality, advanced surge protection for your PC and peripherals. It also reduces the amount of vampire/standby energy consumed by your accessories. The TrickleStrip has current sensing circuitry with 2 different switching thresholds to sense when a PC is turned on, or is is turned off or onstandby, and to turn selected outlets on or off as needed. The TrickleStrip is easy to install and provides simple automation to reduce wasteful standby energy consumption. Suitable for use in your home or workplace.



  • 6 Outlets: 1 control, 2 Always On, 3 switched
  • Selectable switching thresholds 18W/35W
  • 15A resettable circuit breaker
  • 144,000 amps/2160 Joules X3 Surge Protection
  • LED Status Indicators
  • Tel (RJ11)/Data (RJ45) combo surge protection
  • Up to 60dB noise filtering
  • 6 foot incoming power cable with angled space saver plug
  • Master switch to select Auto/On modes

Traditional surge suppression products use standard MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor components). The TrickleStrip incoporates advanced X3 surge protection technology. X3 MOV technology is encased in a ceramic casing and is capable of suppressing more energy and dissipating heat faster than traditional MOV’s. More importantly, the ceramic casing is fireproof and is capable of preventing fire during abnormal surge conditions. 

  • Saves electrical energy

The TrickleStrip is supplied with a 2 year warranty against defective manufacturing and components. The TrickleStrip is supplied with a $50,000 connected equipment warranty. 

PC TrickleStrip™ Energy-Saving Surge Protector

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