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Maggie's Soap Nuts™


Maggie's Soap NutsTare the only laundry soap that grows on trees! Truly effective, 100% natural and safe for your most sensitive skin. Soap NutsT are the dried fruit of the Chinese Soapberry tree. They contain saponin, a natural cleaner used for thousands of years to clean clothes, just like the plants used by Native Americans for washing.

Simply put a few Soap NutsT into the included cotton sack and drop it in your laundry. Your clothes come out clean, vibrant, and soft. Replace your laboratory detergents and softeners with the soap made from Nature by Nature. Your clothes, your skin, your family, and your planet will thank you.

Works with HE and regular machines. Also available as a liquid detergent.

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  • All-natural cleaning alternative
  • Compostable
  • Great for sensitive skin - Hypoallergenic
  • Fragrance-free
  • 10% of profit donated to environmental and social causes
  • The ingredients do not contain animal by-products, and the cleaners have not been tested on animals
Suggested Use
Put 5 Maggie's Soap NutsT into the included, reusable cotton sack. Tie it closed. Add the sack to your washing machine and follow clothing manufacturer instructions. Leave sack in the machine through the complete wash and rinse cycles. Re-use up to 5 times. Return Soap NutsT to the earth by adding them to your compost!

HE washers
Use 2-3 Maggie's Soap NutsT. Put sack in the machine with clothing. Re-use 2-3 times.

Heavy Soils
Pre-soak 4 Soap NutsT in the cotton sack in hot water for a few minutes. Add the "tea" and sack to your wash load. Add fewer clothes to your machine so the fabric has lots of room to agitate.

For Sparkling Whites
Always separate your colors. For extra stain removal, add a scoop of oxygen bleach.

Fabric Softener
Maggie's Soap NutsT naturally soften and add body to your clothes. You'll love how your clothes feel after washing with Maggie's Soap NutsT.

Hand Washables
Soak 2 Soap NutsT in hot water for a few minutes. Add the "tea" to your cool water basin. Alternatively, add a squirt of your homemade Maggie's Soap NutsT liquid detergent to the cool basin.
INGREDIENTS: Wild harvested soapberries (color varies seasonally), one organic cotton wash sack.

Available in the following sizes:
  • Trial Size - 5 loads
  • Small (4.5 oz) - 16 to 20 loads
  • Family Size (10 oz) - 36 to 50 loads
  • 1 Kilo Bag - 200+ loads

Maggie's Soap Nuts™

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