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MT Rice Paper Masking Tape

Stationery & Supplies

  • Adhesive tape made from rapidly renewable plant fibers
  • Available in a variety of colors and styles
  • 15mm x 10m rolls

This small masking tape is a perfect alternative to plastic "scotch" tape. Instead of plastic, it is made from Japanese Washi Paper - known as Rice Paper in the US. Washi Paper can actually be made from a variety of different plants like the gampi tree, the misumata shrub, the mulberry bush, bamboo, hemp, and yes, rice. All of these materials are rapidly renewable, and the fibers are more easily converted to paper pulp so it requires fewer chemicals to produce than conventional tree-based paper does.

The adhesive used on this tape is acrylic and easily re-positionable for less-waste. You can even re-use strips of the tape several times over.

The most common kind of tape used for wrapping presents is the clear plastic variety. Rice Paper Masking Tape has the green advantage of coming from renewable resources, in addition to adding its own festive flare. (Plus, you can write on this tape too - so it even makes a great label on its own.)

  • Rice is rapidly renewable
  • Water-based backing

MT Rice Paper Masking Tape

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