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Greenmaker Laundry Detergent


Greenmaker's Laundry Detergent is a multi-purpose, versatile, concentrated liquid with a pleasant, clean, just-washed fragrance (also available fragrance free). Suitable for all types of laundering equipment, and safe for all washable fabrics. Formulated with environmentally responsible, biodegradable ingredients, it is safe in septic systems and gray water systems. Dye-free.

Note: 1 Gallon sizes are available online. To order larger sizes (5 gallons, 30 gallons, or 55 gallons), please call Green Depot.

  • Dye free
  • Biodegradable detergents
  • Safe for septic & graywater systems
  • The ingredients do not contain animal by-products, and the cleaners have not been tested on animals
    Top-loading Machines: Use 4 oz. per 10 lbs of laundry.

    Large Capacity Machines & Wringers: Use 6 oz. per 10 lbs of laundry

    Front-Loading Machines: Use 2 oz. per 10 lbs of laundry.
Use more for heavily soiled loads, or less for lightly soiled loads. Can also be used directly on fabric as a stain remover.

Download spec sheets at right.
    Odor: Available Fragrance Free and Scented (fresh cotton fragrance).

    pH: 11

    Color: Clear, colorless

    Solubility in Water: Complete

    Flash Point: N/A

    Viscosity: Water thin liquid

    Weight per Gallon: 8.77 lbs

Greenmaker Laundry Detergent

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