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Blueline Innovations Power Cost Monitor

Energy Monitors & Power Strips

The PowerCost Monitor is a wireless energy monitor that tells you at a glance how much electricity your home is using moment-to-moment and in total. Tests show that households which use real-time feedback reduce electricity use by as much as 5 to 20%. Simply program in your utility's electric rate, and the PowerCost Monitor will display your home's electricity use in dollars and cents as well as in kilowatt hours. Includes two components: A Sensor Unit that attaches to the outside of your electric utility meter, plus a Power Monitor that reads the wireless signal transmitted by the Sensor Unit and displays it for easy viewing. With a range of up to 100ft from the sensor unit, you can place the Power Monitor just about anywhere in your home.

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  • Helps track energy use
Your PowerCost MonitorT Includes Two Components:
  • An easy to install Sensor Unit that you can simply attach to the outside of your electric utility meter. Once fastened in place, the sensor reads the amount of electricity the household is consuming in real-time and transmits the information wirelessly to the Power Monitor, located inside the home.

  • A wireless, durable Power Monitor that resembles a small digital clock. With a range of up to 100ft from the sensor unit, you can place it just about anywhere in your home - in the kitchen, on your nightstand or conveniently placed on the wall in your hallway. Anytime of the day, you can look at your Power Monitor to see:

    • How much electricity your home is using in real time.
    • How much money you are spending on electricity as you consume it.
    • The highest amount you spent on your energy usage in a 24 hour period.
    • The time, the temperature at meter location, signal strength and the battery strength of both the display and sensor units.
Energy Monitoring Features
  • Appliance Tab Designed to allow the user to more easily interpret the cost of a specific energy user/appliance in the home or the impact of an action. Pressing the appliance function will zero out, baseline, current energy consumption readings in the home. The user then turns on or off an appliance or initiates a change in the home and the PowerCost Monitor will report the $ or kW impact of that change. Research identified that this is a key use of the PowerCost MonitorT in the home - the user is presently doing this intuitively, this new feature will make the math calculation that much easier.

  • Predictive Feature A quick press on the total/est toggle will provide the user, based on actual energy consumption from the last reset, with an estimate of the 30 Day energy consumption totals in $'s or kW's. Research has identified this to be a significant new feature creating a "wow" factor - either getting an early read on expected 30 Day costs or more fully understanding the positive impact of energy consumption behavior changes in the home.

  • Sleep Function The BLI 28000 monitor incorporates a sleep function to address the risk of premature battery rundown. In prior models, in the event the monitor and the sensor lost connectivity the sensor would go into warp speed mode constantly searching out the signal from the sensor and thus putting an excessive strain on the monitor's batteries. In the BLI 28000 should the monitor and the sensor lose connectivity the monitor will go into sleep mode - pressing any button on the monitor will bring the monitor back to ready mode.

  • Expanded kH Factor Capability The BLI 28000 monitor can accommodate kH factors of 0.1 to 99 and thus insure compatibility with high load service homes in North America today.

Blueline Innovations Power Cost Monitor

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