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Bedfan Cooling System

Heating & Cooling

The Bedfan is a device that fits over the end of your bed and circulates cool air underneath your sheets at night, removing the heat that is generated by your body and gets trapped beneath your bedsheets. This unique system enables you to sleep cooler at night, and has proven to be very successful at stopping night sweats due to menopause, andropause, diseases or medications. It also saves money on air conditioning costs, allowing you to raise your thermostat by as much as 8 degrees. Its patent pending cooling system has an adjustable speed dial and high performance dual fans that allow you to control the breeze that starts at the foot of your bed and moves up the sides of your body for instant relief from night sweats. Powered by a specially designed, fully controllable transformer that will convert AC power to 12 volts and less than one amp. Capable of delivering over 100 CFM of air. Convenient speed controller allows you to adjust air flow without having to move from your bed.

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  • Allows you to reduce air conditioning usage
  • Extremely low wattage
CLEAN-UP: Clean tools and equipment with warm, soapy water while they are still wet.
DIMENSIONS: 19"H x 12"W x 1"D; Depth of fan is 4".

Main Body: Capable of moving up to 100 cubic feet of air each minute.
Breeze Bar: A fully adjustable, flexible bar that allows air to flow from the fan body to the top of the mattress and between your sheets.
Speed Controller: Fits directly under your pillow for easy access. Bedfan speed is fully controllable like the volume on a radio-there are no preset speeds.
Tall Bead Bracket: Optional fitting for raising the height of the unit.
Sheet Blocks: May be used to help hold the sheets in around the Bedfan body.
30-day satisfaction, 1-year parts

Bedfan Cooling System

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