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Allersearch® ODRXT: Odor Eliminator

Hypo-Allergenic Cleaning

Eliminates odors on contact at their source without masking them with added perfumes or fragrances. Odors such as those caused by pets, cooking, waste, smoke, decay, and food will be eradicated through a unique formula that continues to work with lasting residual effects. This product can be safely used in the air by spraying towards the ceiling, as a surface treatment, or in your laundry.

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  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Local (Made in NJ)
  • The ingredients do not contain animal by-products, and the cleaners have not been tested on animals
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Can be safely used as a room deodorizer by spraying towards the ceiling of a room and sprayed directly onto the surface to be treated (fabrics and hard surfaces). In solution, use to wipe down surfaces or add to the laundry to remove odors. Re-treat items as needed. The 32 oz. spray bottle covers 600 square feet.
Available in 1 Qt and 1 Gal sizes.

Allersearch® ODRXT: Odor Eliminator

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