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Allersearch® AllerDustT: Dusting Aid

Hypo-Allergenic Cleaning

Allersearch® AllerDustT is easy and safe to use in any room of the house. This innovative spray neutralizes allergens on contact by creating a bond between dust particles and your dusting tool. Dust particles "stick" to your rag, cloth, or duster, and are prevented from becoming airborne again. Tannic acid is the active ingredient- medically proven to denature mite and cat allergen protein, making it permanently non-allergenic.

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  • Non-toxic
  • Local (Made in NJ)
  • The ingredients do not contain animal by-products, and the cleaners have not been tested on animals
After use, rinse duster in hot water, let dry and reapply before next dusting. Non-toxic and safe to use in all rooms.
SIZE: 2 oz

Allersearch® AllerDustT: Dusting Aid

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