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Indow Windows


  • Interior window frame inserts that save energy and block drafts
  • Custom made to fit each window frame according to its individual dimensions
  • Practically invisible when installed
  • Easy to pop in-and-out of place as desired
  • Effective at blocking drafts with special “spring bulb” frame
  • Preventive against moisture damage to window frames by reducing condensation
  • Insulating against noise from outside the home
  • Available in three neutral colors to blend in with your color scheme

Indow Windows are similar to interior storm windows, but much easier to use. You can pop your Indow Windows out whenever you want to catch a fresh breeze that’s blowing by and right back in when the breeze turns cold. Indow Windows give you energy saving performance equivalent to replacement windows and are even better at insulating sound. Each unit is made-to-order with an acrylic sheet edged with a patented compression tube. When pushed into the window frame, the tubing compresses and holds the Indow Window securely in place to effectively seal out drafts.

The acrylic window inserts will not yellow, crack or discolor from exposure to UV radiation or simple aging and are warranted for ten years against such degradation. The edging is made out of a high quality silicone, which is similar to the material used to make oven mitts and cooking spatulas. This material was chosen for its durability and will not fade from exposure to UV or be affected by heat or cold.

Each Indow Window insert is made according to the unique dimensions of your windows. Most units are simply held in place with the special spring bulb tubing around the edge and no hardware is required. Windows that are over 8 square feet will have two small safety straps that discreetly screw into the window frame.

Standard Indow Windows are highly effective, but they also have four specialty grades that can help address windows with special issues. If you have a busy street on one side of your home, or perhaps a train runs past your yard, you may want to put Acoustic Grade inserts on that side of your home for additional noise reduction. Or, if you have a fine piece of art in one room that you would like to protect from UV exposure, you can order a Museum Grade insert for one or all of the windows in that space and standard for the rest of your home. Mix and match according to your needs!

Indow Windows come in five options:

+ Standard -- Great performance & value
+ Museum -- Blocks 98% of UV rays
+ Commercial -- Scratch resistant coating
+ Acoustic -- 70% noise reduction
+ Privacy -- Transmits light but blocks detail


Reduce air infiltration
The tight seal between the Indow Windows' spring bulb and your window frame provides industry leading performance.

Increase R Value
An Indow Window combined with a single pane window provides 94% of the thermal insulation (R-value) of standard double pane replacement windows.

Decrease Street Noise
When placed over a single pane window, standard Indow Windows dampen noise up to 10dB, which equates to a 50% noise reduction. Acoustic-grade Indow Windows reduce noise by up to 18.9 dB when placed over a single pane window, equivalent to a 70%+ reduction. Overall sound reduction depends on sound coming through walls and doors. The reduction will not be as great when Indow Windows are placed over double pane windows.

Minimize Condensation
Indow Windows typically eliminate or dramatically reduce condensation on single pane windows. Reducing condensation reduces the likelihood of water damage to the paint or structure of your window frame.

Currently available from our Seattle and Portland locations.

    Indow Windows are not mass-manufactured; in fact every insert is custom-made to fit each unique window frame in your home. This insures that no matter how old your home is, how much it has settled, or how out-of-square your window frames may be, Indow Window inserts will fit your frames snugly and effectively block drafts.

    For Indow Windows to fit properly there must be an unobstructed flat edge within your window frame with a depth of at least 5/8 of an inch that runs the entire perimeter of the window. Indow Windows larger than 8 square feet have two very discreet safety straps that connect the Indow Window to the window frame. The safety straps are hidden on the outside of the Indow Window and attach to the frame with a screw. Aside from the safety straps on inserts of over 8 square feet which install with one screw each, there are no additional nails, adhesives, or screws involved in the installation.

    Indow Windows

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