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BioSmart Far Infrared Heaters

Heating & Cooling

  • Super-efficient, quiet portable space heaters – up to 50% savings over other heat sources!
  • Effective in spaces up to 1,000 square feet
  • Heats using the infrared spectrum, similar to the warmth from the sun
  • Healthier, the BioSmart heats your space without drying the air
  • Several styles, including in-wall units, available – “Breath Easy Edition” includes a 4-stage air purifier

BioSmart® Infrared Heaters represent the state of the art in space heaters. The far infrared waves they produce move quickly on the water molecules in the air and heat your home evenly from floor to ceiling. Infrared heat creates a much cozier feeling than more common heaters because the unique shorter wavelength is a more penetrating, direct source of heat, much like the sun. Contact us for more information about the specific features of each unit.

Save Money and Energy
In well insulated rooms where the external temperature is at or above 32° F, a single BioSmart or CZ Infrared™ Far Infrared Heater will heat up to 1,000 square feet (total room volume no more than 9,000 cubic feet) for only $1.20 per day (based on an 8 hour run time, using the national average of 10 cents per kWh).

What is Far Infrared Heat?
Infrared is a section, or "band" of invisible light found in the electromagnetic spectrum. It's a form of radiant heat that can also be called "infrared energy." About 80% of the sun's rays actually fall into this part of the spectrum and this is the part that warms your skin when the sun's rays hit you. Far infrared is the region of the infrared band where wave frequencies measure between 5.5 - 15 microns. This is considered the region that is most harmonious with the human body and the most effective at producing heat. BioSmart far infrared heaters produce energy waves in this therapeutic far infrared range. They are so therapeutic and healthy that Far Infrared is the heat source of choice for infant incubators in hospitals.

Good for your Home’s Air Quality
All the heaters in the BioSmart® Far Infrared collection produce healthy negative ions that not only have a host of therapeutic effects on the body but can also help to neutralize air-borne pollution. Negative ions have been attributed to improvements in mood and physical health. That wonderful, exhilarating, super-charged feeling that you experience while standing by a waterfall or after a rain is due to the overabundance of negative ions in the atmosphere.

BioSmart® Breathe Easy Edition far infrared heaters also have a 4-stage air purification system (and optional 5th-stage gas absorption filter) for a dynamic two-in-one combo of air purification and therapeutic heat.

    BioSmart Far Infrared Heaters

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