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Bonded Logic: Natural Cotton Radiant Barrier Insulation


UltraTouch Radiant Barrier Thermal/Acoustic Insulation is an extremely versatile and superior performing product that can be used in automobiles, trucks, buses, RV's, boats, aircraft, residential and commercial building. It brings fire, fungi, and corrosive resistance to an insulation product that is formaldehyde and resin-free. Its natural fibers provide a non-itch padding that is easy to handle and install. The pure aluminum barrier provides exceptional protection from sound, air currents, vapors, moisture, and radiant heat.

Excellent as a water heater jacket, against the wall behind a steam radiator, in the attic to block the transfer of heat from roofing materials to living space, and as an essential part of your radiant floor heating system when applied to the underside of floor joists.

Class A Fire rating. Available in 1 and 2 Foil Sides, in 24 square feet and 300 square feet as a special order.

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  • Insulation saves heating energy
  • 85% post-industrial recycled cotton
  • Formaldehyde- & fiberglass-free
  • Minimal manufacturing energy use
  • Non-toxic borate fire retardant
Water Heater Jacket: UltraTouch Natural Cotton Radiant Barrier is effective when used as a water heater wrap. Simply wrap the water heater with the foil side facing out, cotton side facing the surface of the heater. Create flaps in the product for areas such as thermostat controls and access panels. For electric water heaters, cut a piece of the product to fit the size of the top of your water heater. Next, trim to accommodate any wires, pipes, or valves. Use a foil tape to secure the seam between the main insulating body and top panel.

Radiant Flooring: UltraTouch Natural Cotton Radiant Barrier should be an essential part of your radiant floor heating system when applied to the underside of floor joists. Installing the product in this manner allows for a maximum airspace, increasing the R value performance while maintaining full reflectivity. Using staples or another fastening method, apply the product with the foil side facing the radiant heating system to the bottom of the joists at 4" spacing and be sure to enclose the entire cavity that houses the radiant heating system. Repeat the process for each cavity.

Attic Applications: UltraTouch Natural Cotton Radiant Barrier provides a great solution to block the transfer of heat from your roofing materials to your interior living space. Anybody who has spent time in their attic in the summer can attest to the heat buildup that is possible. When installing the product, be sure to allow for proper ventilation as this is crucial to proper performance. Apply the UltraTouch Radiant Barrier to the underside of the rafters, applying the product in a perpendicular direction to the rafters. Be sure to staple every 3 to 4 inches and use a foil tape to reinforce any seams. Be sure to leave a minimum of a 3" gap on each side of the roof peak as well as a gap at the lower edge of the roof line. Do not block any vents and be sure to leave a 2" gap around them.

Hot Water Radiator: Achieve maximum efficiency out of your hot water radiator by using it in conjunction with the UltraTouch Natural Cotton Radiant Barrier. This application could not be more simple, with a great gain on performance. Why direct the heat generated by your hot water radiator into the wall surface where it will not help heat the living space? Simply cut and affix the appropriate sized piece of product to the wall space directly behind the radiator. Place the cotton pad against the wall with the reflective foil surface facing the radiator. Use any method you choose to attach the insulation, including tape, spray adhesive, or tacks.

1 foil side: 48" x 6' x 3/8" thick (24 square feet) R4.1

2 foil sides: 48" x 6' x 3/8" thick (24 square feet) R4.1

There is a limited warranty for a period of one year from the date of shipment that products will be free from defects in material and workmanship. Please contact Green Depot for the full warranty document.

Bonded Logic: Natural Cotton Radiant Barrier Insulation

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